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The Program is headed by Barry J.T. DeVine, who worked with Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center on their “Ride to Conquer Cancer” in 2014. The relationships he made and the experience of seeing first hand how community service changes lives, changed his life pursuit dramatically! He has a passion for young people, particularly their health, wellness and academic future.


G2G values each opportunity to impact a family through the mentorship of sport, fitness & leadership development, and the unique financial need that will occur within each G2G/US program.

Many young athletes will not be able to afford the program fee associated with performance-level sports; however, we do not want to turn away any athlete.

What is G2G?
  • G2G is the Performance division of G2G.

  • G2G is the Philadelphia's largest Christian youth sports program. 

  • G2G programs are focused on reclaiming the landscape of youth sports for the benefit of the athlete. This means prioritizing the needs of each athlete and developing him/her as a total athlete.

  • G2G offers travel and developmental programs for athletes ages 8-18.

  • G2G programs are led by Certified Leaders in basketball instruction.

How Is G2G Different?
  • Total Package Process where we concentrate on developing young people into The Total Package - Strong as a Basketball Player, a Servant Leader and ultimately a Productive Person. A uniquely designed total sports experience that adapts and expands as players grow in their personal athletic journeys.

  • G2G helps athletes Play with Purpose which means making wise decisions, improving physical ability, embracing life’s purpose, and fostering healthy relationships.


Our Philosophy
  • Athlete Focused - we recognize that each athlete has unique skills and needs, so we place priority on meeting each athlete where he/she is and helping athletes reach their full potential. The athlete is at the center of every decision and we never sacrifice the long-term development of the athlete for short-term program success.

  • Long-Term Development - we take time to focus on long-term development which means encouraging players to try new things, learn by experience, and focus on being well-rounded athletes, while constantly striving to improve.

  • Fun - fun is not sacrificed for improvement, and improvement is not sacrificed for fun. We place a priority on both, and push athletes to succeed and improve but make sure they have fun doing it.

Our target population is inner city youth, ages 7-17 years old. We aim to address the need to Empower the next generation of leaders, abolish obesity and promote exercise & healthy eating, by training them in sport through; developmental sessions, travel team play, and mentor leadership sessions.

Our goal is to impact as many lives as we can through sports and mentorship, and our objective is to partner with major health and/or fitness companies, as well as other business, corporations, foundations, etc… and create a joint strategy of community service that promotes health, fitness, education, relationship building and leadership the story of how you came up with the idea for your business and what makes you different from your competitors. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are.

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