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We are excited about the possibility of you sponsoring our Youth Empowerment Basketball Program! G2G values each opportunity to impact a family through the mentorship of sport, and the unique financial need that will occur within each G2G program(s). Many young athletes will not be able to afford the program fee associated with performance-level sports; however, we do not want to turn away any athlete.


How Is G2G Different?

First is The Total Package Process, where we concentrate on developing young people into The Total Package - Strong as a Basketball Player, a Servant Leader and ultimately a Productive Person. Secondly, We Play with a Purpose! Playing sports should be a life-changing experience so we focus on helping athletes make smart decisions on and off the court, improve their physical development, discover their life’s purpose, and put others needs before their own.


Thirdly our program is Process Focused. We place the focus on the process which relieves the expectations placed on young athletes and allows them to better develop and improve. This results in an enjoyable sports experience that has a lasting benefit.


Your support in our effort will empower us to pay tournament fees and travel expense, without taxing the young men & woman and their families.

How Can You Get Involved?

The development and life change of young athletes are only completed through the support of coaches, parents, and our community. When you become apart of G2G programs, you are helping to shape youth into more than just athletes. You are investing in their future as they develop great character and prepare for long-term success both on and off the court. Here are a few ways you can help G2G impact young athletes in our community.


Spread the word about our programs through your business and our community. When you promote our programs, you are helping to change the landscape of youth sports, allowing athletes and their families to enjoy a positive sports experience.​


Donate or sponsor programs to assist players and teams with travel, uniforms, and scholarship needs. When you donate or provide scholarships, you are allowing athletes and their families to participate in a sports experience who would not have the opportunity otherwise.

Community Service

All G2G programs are required to do a service project. Partner with G2Gprograms to facilitate these service opportunities, so we can serve you and others in the community. When you facilitate service projects for our teams, you are teaching young athletes to give back andinvest in their local community.

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